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Download this app at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/taxsoftware.com-4868/id416798958?mt=8

Please follow the instructions below to use Taxsoftware.com for iPad and iPhone. 

Start by clicking on the Taxsoftware.com icon on your Mac or iPad screen.    
This is the first screen you will see.  Just touch on each field you need to complete and use the keyboard to enter the data.

Click on NEXT to proceed to the next page.

Please note that you will highlighted red frames and error  messages when the software thinks you are missing a questions or the answer is incorrect.

All the screens are very simple contain the essential information you need to complete your return.

The help at the bottom of the screen helps complete the questions throughout the entire return. Just click on the HELP button and it will show up



All the forms are broken up in small pieces, easy to understand.  Only the essential information is on the iPad version of our product.


As you click on NEXT and pass through each screen, basic questions will be asked according to your previous answers.  
It calculates your balance due based on your tax liability. 
The review screen lists all the pages on the return. It the page is shown with a green check mark, that means it was completed and contains no errors. A red X screen contains errors or is missing entries that need to addressed. A black screen has not been completed and needs to be answered.   You can also use the Review page to navigate through the software.

Click on the page you want to be taken to and click on Review again.  You will be taken directly to the page you selected.

Click on the Preview button to see a printable PDF version of your return.  Click on Preview again to go back to the screen mode.    
Click on the E-file button and follow all steps shown to complete e-filing. 
You will receive this e-mail to confirm that you have e-filed.  And this will e-mail will come to confirm that your file was accepted by the IRS.

If you have any errors, it will say REJECTED instead.

You may contact help@taxsoftware.com so we can explain your errors and you can fix you return.

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